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School of Soccer Ages 2-5


Playable on almost any surface, these soccer-themed motor skill classes are very easy for youngsters to get into. Younger age groups focus on developing motor skills and self-confidence, older classes focus more on developing core soccer skills and personal focus, and introduce an element of light competition. Instructor-to student ratiois kept small to maximize individual development, and above all else we promote fun, fun, fun!






Important information for 2-5 year old classes
1) Make up days
2) Required items
3) Weather Cancelation Policy 
4) Shy kids
5) Aggressive or disruptive behavior
6) Lack of participation and refund policy 

1) Make up days: 
If you miss a class for any reason, no big deal! We're always flexible on make up days and working around your busy schedule. Just drop in at any of our other SoccerTot locations during the week.

2) Required items
Water Bottle

3) Weather Cancellations:  We will play through gentle rain but if it’s raining cats and dogs or if there’s a chance for lightening we will try to give at least an hours notice before canceling classes. All weather cancelations will be posted on our Facebook Page: 

You don’t need to have a facebook account to view the page. Just go to your favorite search engine and type: Treasure Valley SoccerTots. Once you've found our page you can scroll through the latest updates on our newsfeed. If you use Facebook and want to help support our program then feel free to give us a "like". We sometimes run promotions and give-aways exclusively on our Facebook page :) 

If there's nothing posted to the Facebook page in regards to weather, and you’re unsure about classes being held please feel free to call our administrator, Megan Goodhew, to check on the status of your class at 208-908-7317 or email at [email protected]

4) Shy Kids: The most common thing we see every session for a new family is a shy child. Please be patient with your kids and don’t force them to play in the games if they are resisting. Have them sit down with you in an area that is close to the class and watch a couple of games. If your child thinks that you are forcing them to play and they aren’t comfortable they will break down and cry. I promise you that their shyness will fade, but it takes a little bit of time and patience. The coaches will wait a game or two and eventually try to coax your child into a game. It’s perfectly OK for you to join in with them and play a few games while they are adjusting to the class. Eventually they will become less dependent on you and will venture out on their own.

5) Aggressive or disruptive behavior:  If your child is being aggressive or disruptive in the class we will give them a few warning or offer a reward if they correct their behavior. About 95 percent of the time we can get them to calm down without any issue. The worst case scenario is that we will ask your child to sit down for an activity with you and watch the class for 5 min. When the 5 min is up the coach will come back over and let your child join back in the games. We try our best to make it not look like a punishment and we will never raise our voices at your child. Our objective is to make the class experience as fun and wild as possible, but with certain boundaries that need to be respected. 

6) My child isn’t participating: If your child isn’t participating on the first day then please don’t leave early. Stay with them and watch the entire class and take a moment at the end of the evening to talk to the coach. Kids that are very shy need these types of programs more than any other child. We are happy to offer full refunds for a child that doesn’t participate after the first couple of weeks. Please contact us at any time during the session if you have concerns or questions regarding refunds. 

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