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*Updated August 16, 2020

School Of Soccer has updated our policies and procedures to follow the State and city's guidelines to ensure the safety of all our players and their families. We have included all elements based on guidance from the State of Idaho and as recommended by CDC.   


-School of Soccer has modified our make-up day policy to prevent overcrowding at class locations around the Treasure Valley. Parents must email us at [email protected] to schedule a make up. Please email us at [email protected] to let us know when you are unable to come to class when known so we can arrange other players to make up.

Carpooling during the month of May will be highly discouraged for all participants. Parents/Guardians will be responsible for checking their child in & out with our staff at the end of each day/class. 

-All Spring, Summer, & Fall programs will be held outdoors in various parks around the Treasure Valley. Coaches will identify the maximum amount of open green space available at each location and will work with other organizations, coaches, and individuals to maintain a social distancing space of no less than 6 ft. 

-A minimum of 1 parents/guardian will be required to stay with their child from start to end of every class/practice. Coaches will outline a perimeter area around the park setup location for parents to monitor their child. Parents will be instructed to maintain the 6 ft social distance rule on the outside perimeter unless their participation is required for a specific drill/activity.  Summer day camps for children 6-13 years of age will be the only scenario in which parents aren’t required to stay onsite. 

-All drills and activities for every age group will be directed under the supervision of School of Soccer staff and shall maintain a social distance between participants and staff of no less than 6 ft. This policy will be in place until restrictions are lifted by State and local officials.

-Participants are required to bring their own water bottles to every class/practice. Parents will be responsible for monitoring their child’s water bottle and should either hold onto them while their child practices or have them stored in a bag/cooler on the perimeter of the practice area.

We ask that families social distance during games from other families and limit spectators as much as possible. 

Maintaining a social distance of 6ft, not touching un sanitized surfaces in public places, and avoiding hand to eye/mouth/nose contact are the best ways that you and your child can protect yourself from any virus. Wearing a mask or facial cloth to practice/class is now required for anyone age 2 and up. We ask that players wear their masks at check in and warm up and coaches will let players know when they can remove them. Please try to social distance as much as possible when not wearing a mask. 

-By far, THIS will be the hardest adjustment for our School of Soccer staff. Those of you who are familiar with our program know how much our coaching staff loves to high-five kids. It’s such a great ice breaker and self-esteem booster, especially for the little kids who are shy. That being said, we don’t have any wiggle room to work with on this rule if we want to stay in compliance. We’ll have to ask that parents take on a much greater role in our 2/3 and 3/5 classes for dishing out high-fives to their kids. Just because their coaches can’t give them a high-five doesn’t mean they are outlawed from giving them to their moms and dads. 

-If you or anyone in your family is feeling remotely under the weather, we highly encourage you to stay home and rest up. We have a make-up day policy for reasons just like this (just email [email protected] before dropping into a class to ensure that . There’s no need to take any risks when feeling ill, especially when you can just drop in for a make-up day anytime during the Spring, Summer, Fall, Winter (yes, makeup days can even be carried over to future seasons).  

-Symptoms of COVID-19 can include fever (>100.4) or feverishness, cough, shortness of breath or difficulty breathing, chills or shaking chills, muscle pain, headache, sore throat, and new loss of taste or smell.

Our staff will be provided with non-contact thermal temperature guns and a checklist of covid-19 symptoms that will be used for screening themselves as well as participants that are showing signs of flu-like symptoms. We will air on the side of caution and have staff members stay home if they are showing signs of illness. If a substitute coach isn’t available to fill-in then a cancellation notification for that day’s class will be sent out to the account holders email address. 

All practice/class locations for the Spring, Summer, and Fall will be held outdoors in open green space. Equipment such as soccer balls and portable goals will be picked up and disinfected by staff only. 

-School of Soccer will provide sanitation stations at all locations wear public restrooms aren’t available or accessible. We shall provide CDC approved hand sanitizer and or a washing station with water and liquid soap for staff and participants to use before, during, and after practice.

-There will be a 15 min window between classes at each location for coaches/staff to clean and disinfect equipment as well as washing their hands.

-We will encourage participants to start bringing their own soccer balls to each class/practice. If a child doesn’t have their own ball, we will provide them with one that has been sanitized.

-Participants and parents will not be allowed to help with cleanup and breakdown of portable equipment until State and local guidelines are loosened. 

-Equipment will be disinfected before and after each class/practice.

-Confidentiality is a top priority for our customers. If it’s brought to our attention that one of our participants has been infected, then we shall notify every family who participates at that location for the specific day of the week (even if that person practices before or after your child). Aside from notifying families of the age group and class time of the individual who was confirmed to have Covid-19 we shall not provide names or personal details.

-Players/Parents who no longer wish to participate in the  season can elect to receive a credit to their School of Soccer account that can be applied to any future program listing or request a transfer to any programs that are currently listed online. If the balance of your credit is greater than the price of the program that is listed, you will be able to carry the remaining funds over and use them again.


• CDC recreational guidance: (https:/ coronavirus/2019-ncov/community/parks-rec/index. html) 

• EPA list of COVID-19 effective disinfectants: (https:/ 

• Caring for Our Children (CFOC) standards for cleaning, sanitizing and disinfecting educational facilities for children: https:/


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